Bon Fire Craft is owned and operated by metalsmith Emily Sajban. Emily attended SUNY New Paltz with initial aspirations of blacksmithing, but soon found her true calling with smaller scale delicate metalwork. She earned her BFA degree in Art/Metals in 2005.

After receiving her art education she worked in the industry for a high end manufacturer in New York’s Hudson Valley and enriched her skills producing fine jewelry in gold and platinum. Next was 2 years working for a prominent New York City jewelry designer crafting models for limited production lines. In May of 2008 she opened her first retail shop Torch Song Metals with her best pal Ashley Eaton. After 6 wonderful years they decided to journey to new locations and start their own individual companies. Ashley now crafts her beautiful creations at Ivy & Gold Handcraft and is based out of Syracuse, NY.

Emily continues to carry the flame with her new store/studio Bon Fire Craft on the vibrant Hertel Avenue strip in Buffalo, NY. The shop features her ever evolving line of jewelry along with works of all different craft mediums from other independent artists. You can find Emily merrily hammering away in the back of the shop or showing her son the tools of the trade. She hopes to gather metalsmithing traditions that extend far behind her and pass them along to the next generation of makers, one more link in the chain.