Anvil Pendant

Anvil Pendant


Mini hand-carved and cast 3D sterling silver anvil charm with 18inch chain

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Product Description

This anvil is for the tiniest silversmith alive. Tom Thumb and Thimbilina could start a forge with this little guy! I hand carved this tiny anvil and cast it in sterling silver as a totem for my craft. The anvil is one of the most iconic images for metalworking. The necklace has special meaning for me, but over the years I’ve had so many people admire it I decided to put it into production. I’ve had all sorts fall in love with this piece from horseback riders seeing it as a symbol of the farriers who forge the shoes and bits to the young-at-heart who envision it as a classic acme cartoon image. This piece is available on a sterling silver chain and is oxidized with and antique patina.